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Wyeth Newbridge, Automation Systems Audit





Project title: Automation Systems Audit
Description: Compile a detailed hardware and software inventory of 178 automation systems.
Client: Wyeth Newbridge, Ireland
Technology: Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi
Timeline: Feb 2008 – Apr 2008
Contact: Darrin McCrudden / / +353 (0)1 885 3400


  • A periodic review required the client to review and access all automation equipment onsite.
  • There were 178 separate automation systems within the scope of the review.
  • The systems were diverse and comprised a broad spectrum of hardware, software and technology.


  • Compile a detailed inventory of all automation equipment onsite.
  • Check and verify availability of backups for all systems.
  • Check and establish availability of automation spares onsite and from the vendor.

Key Challenges & Solutions

  • Tight project deadline and a large number of systems.
    We built a multi-person and multi-disciplined team (5) and used detailed planning to target available production windows.
  • Consistent data.
    We developed a series of audit sheets that helped ensure each audit team member consistently and quickly gathered all required data during the survey.
  • Access to systems in a restricted production environment.
    We compiled a photographic record of all automation equipment surveyed. This was an invaluable crosscheck reference for the project and was subsequently used by the client’s production support team.
  • Diversity of automation systems and age of systems.
    We used a multi-disciplined team onsite and remote support from other office-based experts.


  • Developed centralised database for the audit data. This was structured and coded to facilitate ease of interrogation and cross-referencing.
  • Developed a suite of audit sheets for survey team to gather data.
  • Photographed all systems, racks and ancillary hardware.
  • Compiled all audit data in to a centralised database.
  • Checked availability of spares and backups for each system.
  • Checked occurrence of each hardware cards across site to help establish spares stocking strategy.
  • Compiled a list of all spares and quantities retained onsite.
  • Checked continued support for software and availability of hardware from the vendor.
  • Produced and presented a report of finding and recommendations.


  • The audit tool (database) was a key deliverable and a useful asset for the client in that it provided:
    A clear and accurate detail of all automation hardware/software onsite.
    The ability to quickly identify systems with common hardware cards for emergency spares.
    The ability to quickly assess impact of hardware/software notices of obsolescence.
    A reference to establish requirement and verify availability of backups.
    A reference to ensure availability of maintenance hardware, tools, applications etc.
  • A photographic library of in-situ automation systems and hardware which reduces the need to enter the production environment, saving time and cost (gowning process).

n A photographic library of in-situ automation systems and hardware which reduces the need to enter the production environment, saving time and cost (gowning process).