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Siemens Environmental Monitoring System


    This project involved the installation of a site wide GMP Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS). The GEMS was primarily responsible for monitoring and recording data for over 800 analogue instruments distributed across 4 buildings. The user had the ability to change alarm setpoints, view trends and audit trail data in this 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system.


  • Siemens TIA
  • WinCC Professional
  • S7-1500H
  • WebNavigator
  • Virtualisation


  • The system consisted of a full Siemens TIA solution: SCADA WinCC Professional, with several S7-1500H redundant PLC’s and Profinet I/O distributed throughout the buildings. The S7-1500H CPU pairs communicated over a dual fibre optic network which allowed each PLCs redundant CPU to be installed in different buildings on site.
  • The Profinet I/O was installed in a ring topology utilising the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). This allowed all nodes to overcome a single point of failure in the network increasing availability.
    The SCADA was made available to multiple thin clients throughout the site via Siemens WebNavigator and remote desktop services (RDS). The SCADA server and WebNavigator RDS server were virtualised on the site virtualisation platform.
  • The WebNavigator license count was sufficient to allow additional members of engineering department remote access to the SCADA.
    The GMP data was logged locally and made available to OSi Pi from the PLC layer via Kepware and from the SCADA via Siemens PM-Analyse.